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Milano, Lombardia Italia
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Commissioning Mechanical Discipline Leader

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We are hiring: Commissioning Mechanical Discipline Leader



-          8 to 15 years experience in Oil & Gas Project;

-          Fluent in the English language (speaking and writing);

Technical knowledge of:

-          Client Referential & OPERCOM methodology and ICAPS software;

-          Pre-commissioning & Commissioning activities;

-          Main rotating equipment and associated control systems;

-          HSE risks on operational field and specific risks linked to commissioning activities.

-          Recognized leadership capability;

-          To ensure a safe execution of the commissioning activities on Sites;

-          To coordinate and optimize commissioning activities according OPERCOM methodology;

-          To monitor and report to CM any deviation regarding commissioning;

-          To ensure a smooth handover (feedback and training) to the Field Operation Team.


Work Purpose:


1)     Commissioning preparation phase:

-     Review the preparation of the Commissioning. This includes procedures, reporting tools (ICAPS, planning, manpower), requisition for equipment, spares, special tools;

-         To provide assistance to the EPCC Contractor during the detailed Engineering, in order to optimize the Commissioning sequence and schedule and the preparation of OTP;

-     Estimate the scope of work and define the resources required from Field Operations to witness pre-commissioning and commissioning activities on site;

-    To assist the CM in identifying and addressing all internal/external interface issues with respect to Commissioning.


2)     Commissioning Execution:

-   To promote HSE behavior within the commissioning activities and verify that HSE procedures are implemented by Commissioning Team;

-         To witness/monitor the pre-commissioning activities performed by Contractor and ensure systems have reached the RFC status with associated punch list;

-      To ensure the progress is in accordance with priorities driven by the Commissioning and Start-up sequence;

-          To ensure optimal Vendor mobilization and planning for SAT and start-up of equipment;

-     To validate the results of the operational tests for the electrical systems, Instrument & control;

-     To review of Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Dossiers and Approve Operational Test Procedures for his discipline;

-          To ensure the Commissioning dossiers correct update with documents (“as commissioned” documents);

-          To follow-up and Validate punch list items entry / clearance related to his discipline;

-     To follow-up material/spares/tools status during Commissioning to have a clear status at handover stage;

-     To ensure that CTR apply adequate care and maintenance/preservation and operation of equipment are carried out until handover to Field Operations;

-    To manage, supervise and train future Field Operation personnel integrated in Commissioning Team.             

Location:    Milan and then Basilicate, Italy





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